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Highest Self - A Journey

  • 30Steps


Enjoy and use this 7 step program to connect to your Highest version of Self and embody your true essence stored within your heart. Over this journey you will use simple practices to embody your true essence daily, remembering that you are a being of divine love and light and your commitment to self is a commitment to walking in all your authenticity. Who is your Highest Self? What do they look like? What do they wear? How do they speak? Where do they live? Who do they surround themselves with? What are their values, morals and beliefs? Are you living aligned with this version of you? When you begin to awaken to our Highest Self, the true essence of your Heart and Soul, life begins to open up in ways you before never would have imagined. This month we let go of those old patterns that are no longer serving us and call in what it is we truly want. Remember, the choice is yours and there are no bounds. Choose your start date; the program lasts for 10 days. Remember, you are a on a beautiful journey - embody all of it.

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Nadora Journey Group

Nadora Journey Group

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