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Read for yourself

With intention you are able to do your own pick a card reading whenever you like. Select from the decks below. Check back often as we add more decks.

Numerology Guidance Cards

Numerology Guidance Cards

A powerful numerology deck that brings you insights through easy to understand messaging; make note of colours and numbers as you use your own intuition.

This deck asks you to become more aware of and harmonize with the natural cycles and rhythm of you life. Encouraging us to expand and connect.

Spirit Affirmation Cards

Spirit Affirmation Cards

This deck was designed by Kylie & Tracy from Nadora with the intention to work with the veil between the conscious and the sub-conscious.

Using the power of 'I AM' affirmations - puts the words into a NOW perspective and gives the mind powerful statements to grasp and believe - through repetition and intention - this can become a invocative and satisfying experience.

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